The road to finding a CBD product that met our standards was frustrating. After struggling to find a product that was of high quality, transparent about ingredients, and effective. We decided to create FIND CBD.

FIND CBD offers transparency about what is in CBD products and we never hide behind labels. All FIND CBD partners are lab tested by certified third party testing facilities and made with the highest quality ingredients for purity.

Beat the struggle

Every decision we make is influenced by our desire to help other people struggling with finding the right CBD product. We are inspired by our community and determined to show each and every one the highest quality of CBD offered.

Transparency and education

Our core values are centered around transparency, education, and quality. We recognize that there is still much to be discovered about CBD. We will continue to invest in learning about how CBD impacts our well being,
and will continue to offer you transparency in if products deliver on their promises.

Research and quality

We know that you want to live a healthy and fulfilling life, so we’ve worked with our amazing
partners to bring you some of the best high quality products geared towards your lifestyle.
We look forward to meeting your needs, and would love to hear from you.


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